Protect your vehicle and love ones!
Install Car Alarm 
 3. Never lose sight of your car! 
Real-time Tracking
See actual location of your car realtime
Stop Car Remotely
using your phone App or your desktop to stop car remotely. 
Receive Alerts
 Via SMS or email when vehicle is found near certain hotspots
Historical Tracking
See places your car has gone to. 
Works in Malaysia
Car alarm tracks in M'sia and S'pore with no extra charges. 
Free Installation
Our mobile mechanic will install at your place or home (whichever convenient)
One car stolen every 4 days in Singapore. The fact is, cars are stolen in Singapore and yours could be next! Your car is most vulnerable when you are fast asleep. After all a short trip to Johor Bahru during the early morning takes less than 45 minutes. By the time you are awake, your car could be in Malacca and there is nothing you can do. Not unless you have it properly protected.

If you think that getting back the car is easy, think again. Owners who have experienced car thefts often complained that the process in getting back their car is slow and frustrating. It gets worse if their car was stolen across the border. Many have lamented that they have to go to the Malaysia police station a few times to sort out paper work. Once you are done with the Police, be prepared to sit for another 6 to 8 weeks for the insurance company to complete their investigation.
The immobiliser found in many luxury cars may also not sufficiently protect your car. On 28 Feb 2012, New Straits Times reported that "22 Singapore plated luxury cars were stolen in Malaysia. The cars were 12 Toyota Camry, Toyota Hilux (four), Honda Accord (two), BMW (two), Toyota Rush (one) and Toyota Fortuner (one)."

To counter this, drivers are now installing this silent GPS car alarm in their cars.

When the car is stolen, they will automatically receive an alert (by SMS or email). Car owners can then track the car whereabouts. Should the thief travel to Malaysia, they can easily call immigration and stop the car or track the car in Malaysia and inform the local authorities there. If required, they can also remotely switch off the car engine by SMS or through the app. 
Mr Tan "My 6 months old Toyota Picnic was stolen at Johor Bahru. When I reported to JB police, I was told to queue up. Apparently mine was the 7th car stolen that night. 3 months later AIG settled the case and my total loss is 20k" Weiqimum from sgforums "You got to be prepared for a few things. For me, i only received 70% of my car value back. This took about 4 months in total. The irony is now the insurance company owns my car including the COE. If found, I was told that it will be sold to the highest bidder over the internet. I no longer own my car plate. Apparently, for security reasons, LTA will not allow you to register the new car in your old plate."

I travel in peace now. More parents and executives are also using the device to see what their kids are doing especially. Peter a senior director has been using this silent car alarm for over 1 year. "I have a teenage son and he likes to meet his friends". Each time when he uses my car, I know where he is and whether he is speeding or not. While its convenient to track his movement using his phone, kids today find that you are invading their privacy when it is their gadget. So when the silent car alarm is in my car, he has no issue at all. The trust between a parent and his child is more important. Furthermore, I travel frequently. Occasionally, I will fire my app and see whether my kids took my car for a joy ride and whether they are speeding with my car when I am away.

Ex-law enforcement officer These GPS services were available only to special ops in military and police departments. Today, they are available very cheaply to consumers. It's a real pity if people are not taking advantage of them.